As a leading manufacturer of rubber products in China, Suntym offers complete materials engineering and comprehensive physical testing capabilities.

 ..The main testing equipments includes:
•  Multi-function Belt Fatigue Tester
•  Burst Pressure Test Machine
•  Ozone Test Chamber
•  NC Tensile Tester
•  Vibration Tester
•  Whip Tester
•  Rotorless Rheometer
•  Heating Ovens
•  Chillers for Cold Flexibility Tester

Under the support from the Testing center, Suntym products has reached the international standards ISO, SAE, etc.


The main testing euipments of Clutch Parts includes:
Dual-plate cover assembly comprehensive performance testing
Cover assembly dynamic balance testing
Disc towing performance testing
Ultrasonic fault detector
Diaphragm spring load testing
Disc torsional rigidity and surface pressure testing
Cover assembly endurance testing
Disc endurance testing