We commit to protect and enrich the environment through continuous improvement in environmental performance in all our activities during manufacture and application of rubber products. We uphold our commitment to environment protection through:   

1. Total compliance to all applicable environment requirements.

2. Optimum utilization of raw materials, energy, water and other inputs in the manufacturing process so as to continually reduce all types of pollution.

3. Minimizing the generation of process waste and maximizing recycling.                                                                             

4. Continual improvement of environmental performance by adopting economically viable technologies through active participation of trained and skilled associates.

5. Ensuring awareness about environment protection among all concerned through dissemination of policy on Company’s website and other important corporate communications.

6. In pursuit of excellence, the company will adopt practices that support conservation, sustenance and rejuvenation of energy, environment and natural resources

7. Generate environmental awareness in all our employees and business associates, for their roles & responsibilities.